Sharpening & Reconditioning Services

Lancaster Knives, Inc. has been providing High Quality sharpening since 1896. The equipment we use to give your machine knives a "like new" condition is the same precision equipment that was used when your knives were originally manufactured. After your knife is sharpened it will be hand honed by highly skilled personnel to provide the keenest cutting edge possible. Before packing your knife for return shipment it will be lightly coated with a rust preventative. Our standard turnaround time is one week but we are also capable of providing same day service if required.

We can also recondition Press Brake Dies & Tooling for a fraction of the replacement cost. We can restore your Press Brake Dies & Tooling to Like New condition including Flame Hardening if required. We can modify your existing Press Brake Tooling if you have a short production run that does not warrant buying new tooling and then change back to your original configuration when the job is finished. If you would like a quotation for having your Press Brake Tooling reconditioned or modified please go to our quote request form. We can also provide New Press Brake Tooling at Very Competitive Prices.

If you are experiencing SHORTER LIFE after your knives have been sharpened please ask yourself if your current sharpening service is saving you money or sacrificing your Productivity and the Quality of your finished product.

Below is a partial listing of the knives we sharpen:

Bed Knives
Brush Chipper
Circular Knives
Corrugated Chipper
Counter Knives
Cutoff Knives
Feeder Knives
Fly Knives
Granulator Knives
Hog Knives
Ice Scraper
Jointer Knives

Nose Bars
Paper Knives
Pelletizing Knives
Planer Knives
Pressure Bars
Scraper Blades
Shear Blades
Slitter Knives
Rotary Veneer Knives
Veneer Clipper Knives
Veneer Scoring Knives
Veneer Slicer Knives

If you would like a quote for sharpening/reconditioning please fill out our
Quote Request form.