Precision Grinding

Lancaster Knives, Inc. has been a leading provider of Precision Surface Grinding since 1896. Our experienced and dedicated staff can handle All of your Precision Surface Grinding needs with turnaround times of 1 Day available when needed.

We are well equipped to handle both Bar & Plate (Flat) Grinding as well as Angular (Dovetail) and Contour (Form) Grinding. We are capable of maintaining Flatness, Parallelism and Straightness to .0005" TIR per foot or better. We also have the ability to hold and accurately grind Non-Ferrous (non-magnetic) materials.

We have Horizontal Spindle Grinding capacities of 170" x 18" & 97" x 36" and Vertical Spindle Grinding capacities of 179" x 25-1/4".

The accuracy and craftsmanship of our work is always 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

If you would like to receive a quote for Precision Surface Grinding, please contact us.