In 1956, Lancaster developed and manufactured the first THRU-HARDENED SOLID STEEL LATHE KNIFE. It quickly became the primary cutting tool used by the plywood industry in the United States. Today, even under the most severe operating conditions, the Lancaster THRU-HARDENED SOLID STEEL LATHE KNIFE still out-performs all other makes. Using Lancaster Knives means fewer knife related problems and greater production per inch of knife-wear at a lesser cost.

Lancaster Knives also has a license to manufacture knives with the Smith API Insert. Use of the Smith API Insert reduces set up time and eliminates the need for Babbitt.

Greater Productivity Per Inch of Wear

  • Longer knife life.
  • Increased yield of square footage per inch of wear.
  • Greater consistency of veneer thickness with better overall veneer quality.

Less Knife Cost Per Inch of Wear

  • Tougher, more resistant to impacts from hard knots, rough logs and foreign objects.
  • No break out on the cutting edge.
  • Less down-time for knife replacement.
  • Less down-time for sharpening/honing - STAYS SHARPER LONGER.

Installed as original equipment by major clipper machine manufacturers. Lancaster Clipper Knives are known throughout the industry as being unsurpassed for their longevity in high speed clipping operations.

Lancaster Score Knives are known throughout the industry for their long life and exceptional edge holding qualities under the most abrasive veneer processing operations.

Lancaster Knives are guaranteed to be from defects in material or workmanship and to perform to, or exceed the commonly accepted standards of the industry when used in accordance with the accepted industry practice. Should there be any problem with the use of any Lancaster product, a representative will be sent to your location within 48 hours.