Markets & Products

Since 1896, Lancaster Knives, Inc. has earned the enviable reputation of manufacturing the highest quality and best-performing knives in the U.S. market. Lancaster Knives are acknowledged by their customers to be the quality benchmark of the United States machine knife industry.

Markets & Applications Served: Plastic & Rubber, Recycling, Metal, Wood, Paper & Cardboard, Food, & Machinery.

Precise manufacturing techniques have been developed by Lancaster Knives, Inc. throughout the last century. Close supervision, attention to detail and CNC precision have become a way of life at Lancaster Knives. All Lancaster Knives are heat treated under rigid controls to exacting specifications, producing the best combination of toughness and consistency in hardness throughout the entire length of the knife. Lancaster Knives are precision ground on the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure the keenest cutting edge and longest life. Both mechanical and bench work, performed in the straightening process by highly skilled personnel, provide the straightest, flatest knives in the world.

We manufacture knives for all industrial cutting and shearing applications. We can also manufacture knives for your obsolete or custom made machinery from a sample knife, your drawing or our CAD produced drawing.

Anvil Knives
Backing Plates
Bed Knives
Brake Dies
Bridge Plates
Chamfer Blades
Chipper Knives
Chopper Knives
Clipper Knives
Composer Knives
Cooperage Knives
Corrugator Knives
Counter Knives
Cutoff Knives
Cutter Bars
Doctor Blades
Edge Protectors
Extruder Knives
Flaker Knives
Fly Knives
Food Processing Knives
Granulating Knives
Guillotine Knives
Hog Knives
Holed Down Gibs
Ice Scrapers
Jointer Knives
Knife Holders
Lathe Knives
Leveling Bar
Lower Blades
Main Support Plates
Metal Shears
Moulding Knives
Nose Bars
Paper Knives
Pinch Plates
Planer Knives
Pressure Bars
Rag Knives
Rail Rollers
Roll Splitters
Rotor Knives
Rubber Knives
Score Knives
Scrap Shears
Scraper Blades
Shaper Steel
Shear Bars
Shear Blades-
Intermediate Alloy
Sheeter Knives
Slicer Knives
Spiral Knives
Spur Knives
Stave Jointers
Straight Edges
Trash Gates
Trimmer Blades
Upper Blades
Veneer Knives
Way Plates
Wear Plates
Wear Strips
Welder Knives
Wool Shears